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Our next destination
is a sustainable future.

Movement has always been essential for human development, and today more than ever, it is a right as decreed by Article 16 of the Italian Constitution and Article 8 of the Maastricht Treaty.

We at Cortina Express will continue to create the conditions to do so, respecting the environment and people, and ensuring safety day after day.

Connecting people and territories to keep alive the bonds that unites us. This has always been our mission.


We believe that mobility must evolve, becoming even smarter, cleaner, and more accessible to ensure that everyone can travel a better path.

We want to contribute to this by reducing the social and ecological impact of our company and our fleet, committing to creating value in the communities where we are present, combining industrial objectives with respect and appreciation for the people we collaborate with, supporting the socio-economic development of the areas where we operate, and aiming to attract new talents by offering them a stimulating work environment oriented toward the cultural transformation of an industry that needs to change.


This commitment is part of our new corporate management model through a strategy that guides us towards social responsibility, environmental awareness, equality, culture, ethics, and transparency, permeating all levels of the company and all our areas of action.

Mobility is at a turning point and will continue to change.

The pandemic has transformed habits and working methods.

The boundaries between the work sphere and the leisure one will become even more fluid.

In the near future, the number of commuters will decrease while the leisure travelers’ flow will be increasing. And we want to be ready for this.


To achieve these results, we have set concrete goals that will contribute to strengthening safety, punctuality, service quality, and reliability, increasing the resilience of our mobility system and raising its level of intermodality.

Creating an integrated mobility is our dream, and digital transformation will enable us to achieve it. Being a company that provides sustainable, integrated, and financially sound mobility will remain our vision, always staying on the side of the environment and the people.

Drivability and the 17 goals to transform our Planet.

The objectives aim to build a different world, through poverty alleviation, reduction of inequalities, and support for sustainable economic and social development.

The goals have global validity, involving all countries, called upon to contribute according to their capacities. All components of society are responsible for achieving these objectives, including public and private enterprises.

Cortina Express’s contribution to achieving these goals lies in translating them into sustainable business solutions.

A sustainable transportation system is essential for a competitive and resilient economy.

The efficient flow of goods and people is a critical factor for development outcomes and contributes to the economic development of regions, education, inclusive growth, and more.

At the same time, transportation, in its current form, is associated with negative impacts such as CO2 emissions, air pollution, traffic congestion, and road accidents.

In the coming years, we have the opportunity to develop a sustainable transportation system that meets the needs of societies, cities, and communities concerning the movement of people and goods.

The new transportation system must connect people and drive accessible economic and social development for all.

The fight against climate change and its associated impact is currently the main priority in the transportation sector. Cortina Express’s strategic direction is to lead the change towards a sustainable transportation system.

In 2021, Cortina Express launched Cortina Consulting to understand how to achieve a more sustainable transportation system for businesses and cities.

We feel part of the problem, but we are confident that we will find a solution for future generations. Cortina Express is committed to contributing to this epochal change through the 11 Sustainable Development Goals, with the main focuses continuing to be: People, Planet, and Safety.

People, Planet, Prosperity and Safety.
A global goal for the 2030 agenda, in every one of our journeys

Today more than ever, these four pillars must become key to the sustainable development of Cortina Express, guiding us towards the vision of a better future.


The year 2020 made evident the centrality of caring for People and the attention we must dedicate to them, as it is upon this and the well-being of society as a whole that a path of growth, inclusive development, and long-term progress can be built.


The Planet is the home of all of us, from which for millennia, we have drawn the resources that allowed us to grow; today, progress must be the protagonist of that decoupling between resources used and growth achieved: the noble objective of innovations should indeed be to produce the same incremental growth value with a lower share of virgin resources.


Prosperity, the goal of all actions taken – whether they are social, economic, environmental, or in the labor market – must aim to improve the quality of life of citizens, promoting the reduction of people in poverty or at risk of poverty, striving for a fair, resilient society capable of providing equal opportunities to everyone, without distinction.


Safety, the safety of travel on public transportation must be a right of the traveler; we must always ensure a safe journey, with a high standard of safety for passengers, our drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, and vulnerable road users, contributing to the reduction of accidents.

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