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Responsible journey

Welcome to our house: the Dolomites.

To this Earth we owe our environmental, economic and social commitment, pillars of all our business choices.

To protect this huge heritage we decided to make carbon neutral the service that accompanies us.

What it means to be carbon neutral

Being carbon neutral means producing zero net emissions of greenhouse gases.

In order to achieve this objective, the emission of greenhouse gases, should be reduced as far as possible through the implementation of efficiency practices and the remaining part should be compensated through the financing of environmental protection projects through carbon credit.

The climate journey: calculating emissions

The GHG Protocol standards are used to calculate how much CO2 is emitted.

The calculation includes direct emissions or emissions from sources owned or controlled by the company and indirect emissions from energy consumption or supply chains.

Cortina Express together with Up2You calculated the emissions taking into account the following factors:

  • Environmental class of vehicles used
  • Distance km
  • Quantity of printed public information material
  • Quantity of printed travel documents

The climate journey: reducing emissions

The CO2 reduction strategy is to implement efficiency practices.

Cortina Express together with Up2You has implemented the following efficiency practices:

  • Differentiation of the exercise program in high and low season periods increasing the efficiency of each trip
  • Elimination of low efficiency lines or routes
  • Use of vehicles of only environmental class Euro 6

The climate journey:
carbon offsetting
(or emission compensation)

Carbon offsetting (or offsetting of emissions) makes it possible to offset the share of CO2 that, as a result of emission reduction actions, has not been compensated, financing environmental protection projects through carbon credits.

Carbon offsetting is measured in tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2 eq.), a measure that represents all greenhouse gases by converting them into the equivalent amount of CO2.

Carbon credits are instruments that attest to the capture or non-emission of CO2 through environmental protection projects created solely to offset or reduce CO2 emissions.

1 carbon credit = 1 ton CO2.

The carbon credit market is a voluntary market, meaning that there is no legal obligation to purchase carbon credits from the organisations that purchase them on a voluntary basis to achieve carbon neutrality.

The voluntary market is facilitated by certification programs (e.g., Verified Carbon Standardo Gold Standard ) that provide guidelines, and establish the requirements that project developers must follow to generate reliable and quality carbon credits.

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