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Venezia Aeroporto

Venice-Marco Polo Airport, also known as Venice-Tesera Airport, is an Italian airport, 13 kilometers from the center of Venice, named after the famous businessman and Venetian traveller Marco Polo. It is one of the most important airports in northern Italy, second only to Milan airport. The subsidiary is SAVE s.p.a, a partially local public holding company listed on the Milan Stock Exchange. Venice-Tessera Airport is connected to the nearby Venice-Mestre railway station and is served by regular bus lines in the metropolitan hinterland. It is also connected to the Fondamente Nove of Venice by motorboat.

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You can travel from Treviso and Venezia round trip with Cortina Express. Before buying your ticket from Treviso and Venezia with Cortina Express, we remind you of our services on board:

Bus stop, Venezia Aeroporto

Venezia Aeroporto, Viale Galileo Galilei (Veneto)

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